2nd International Hands-on FESS Course
Berlin, October, 19th to 20th 2017

Dear colleagues,
we are very happy to invite you to Sinus Academy in Berlin from October, 19th to 20th 2017.

Endonasal ‘Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery’ (FESS) has evolved as the standard technique for treatment of nearly all kinds of sinus disease. It’s effectivity, however, is strongly dependent on an sound knowledge of individual microanatomy, optimum handling of microinstruments and up to date surgical strategies.

The second International Hands-on FESS Course of Sinus Academy in Berlin strives for giving you the necessary support and input to optimize your surgical knowledge and techniques. One of the main features of the course is a concise curriculum taking together oral presentations in a balanced quantity of educational contents with corresponding personal exercises of the participants on high-quality anatomic specimens.

We offer to perform an decided array of endoscopic surgical interventions of the paranasal sinuses on anatomic specimens under intensive guidance by a well-rehearsed faculty which is dedicated to rational and truly minimum invasive endoscopic surgical techniques of all kinds.
Each of the sections will be headed by a specific short lecture focussing on how to safely and efficiently perform each single surgical step. Enough time is given subsequently for extensive personal dissection from partial uncinectomy to complete pansinusoperation. Besides, a few lectures will present you indispensable basic knowledge for FESS.

Special highlights of the hands-on FESS course are:
 • Training places for dissection are very well-equipped with HD-videoendoscopy, a large variety of
    microsurgical instruments, shaver and navigation.
  Specific adjunctive course material like a USB-stick showing essential videoclips of all important
   surgical steps as well as accompanying hand-outs are inclusive.

We would be pleased to welcome you in the remarcable ambience of the new congress center located in the former “Kaiserin-Augusta-Hospital” in Berlin, Scharnhorststraße 3.

Werner Hosemann Thomas Kühnel Rainer Weber

Werner Hosemann

Thomas Kühnel

Rainer Weber

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